In substandard d it states that coaches “recognize educators across the organization who use technology effectively to enable high-impact teaching and learning” (ISTE). I love coming alongside teachers to recognize and celebrate growth. When I was a technology coach, teachers were highlighted at staff meetings and sometimes asked to do a short training during in-house PD. It was empowering for teachers to be recognized for their strengths and skills and then fellow teachers were exposed to powerful practices in real-life situations that they could relate to. When coaching I also tried to use Twitter as a way to recognize and celebrate growth and spotlight the exciting things happening in classrooms around the school. When I get back to coaching I’d love to establish a pineapple chart. Pineapple Charts are a great way to invite teachers into other classrooms on campus for informal observations. We can learn so much from each other! For other ideas on how to recognize and celebrate growth check out the end of this blog

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