During my coursework for my MEd in Digital Education Leadership, I explored Guskey’s Five Levels of Professional Development Evaluation. Districts across the United States spend millions of dollars in professional learning but frequently fail to measure the impact. How should we go about measuring teacher growth, the impact on student learning, and overall school-wide improvement? Guskey proposes 5 domains that need to be evaluated when weighing the success of a particular training. Please read more in my blog post, Time to Get Serious: Evaluating the Impact of Professional Learning. Below is a summary of each domain and suggested tools for collecting data. 

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I also had the chance during my coursework to conduct a program evaluation for the Digital Education Leadership (DEL) Exit Surveys. The Exit Surveys are designed to give students a voice in the annual program assessment. Students are asked to evaluate various aspects of the program and assess if the DEL program equipped them to carry out new roles and responsibilities that pertain to digital education. Feedback is used to make programmatic improvements and help ensure DEL is meeting its mission. The goal of this program evaluation was to ask in what ways, if any, do the surveys need to be amended? Below is my final report.


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