• ISTE Standards for Coaches

    Reflections on Peer Coaching

    My Take Aways This quarter has been very formative and has expanded my thoughts about coaching. Here are some of my big take-aways:  First and foremost, take time to develop relationships. Just like in a classroom, you won’t make much headway helping students learn if you do not take the time to get to know your students. Slow down now so that you can speed up later.  A trusting relationship is vital to coaching work. It is important when working with teachers to highlight that it is a partnership and that you are excited to learn from them too. Coaches also need to be humble and empathetic, caring about the…

  • ISTE Standards for Coaches

    Practical Communication Skills to Help Your Coaching Get Off The Ground

    Communication is at the crux of our society. And while it is such an important part of our daily life we stop explicitly teaching it as our kids get older. Right now I have a baby and toddler at home and we spend a large part of our time teaching appropriate ways to communicate (or more so, what ways are inappropriate… demanding food, glaring at mom, throwing toys in frustration, etc.). I’m sure all of you caregivers and parents out there are nodding your heads in agreement. During those early years, kids are like little sponges, observing and soaking in how to communicate both verbally and nonverbally. Why is it…