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    Should I Join the Maker Movement?

    And the Learning Sciences Behind Them What is a MakerSpace? Makerspaces have been a hot fad in the educational world for the past couple of years. What are they all about and are they worth our time and money? What do the learning sciences tell us about makerspaces? Jennifer Gonzalez, the author of the popular blog Cult of Pedagogy, interviewed John Spencer on his expertise in makerspaces. Spencer has co-authored two books, Launch: Using Design Thinking to Boost Creativity and Bring Out the Maker in Every Student, and Empower: What Happens When Students Own their Learning. When asked to explain what a makerspace was Spencer (2018) said: I see a…

  • Teaching, Learning and Assessments

    Scoping out Skype

    A collaborative tool that gives students authentic, real-world learning experiences. Our world is smaller than ever. No longer are we limited by geography, our social-economic status, or level of education. With the advancement of technology we now can collaborate with people from different countries and cultures, tap into the web’s medical database to solve complex problems, or start a revolution overnight through social media. Likewise, teachers in the 21st century can harness the power of technology to connect their classroom with people from around the world, exposing their students to different thoughts, cultures, and beliefs. One way teachers can do this is through Skype in the Classroom. This multifaceted resource…