Digital Learning Coaches should also help educators use digital tools to create assessments that provide timely feedback and support personalized learning (ISTE). During my graduate studies, I explored Nearpod. This is a fantastic tool that allows students to actively participate in the lesson and gives teachers a plethora of ways to conduct quick, formative assessments. You can check for understanding by including quizzes, polls, interactive videos that pause to ask questions, FlipGrid discussions, or interactive whiteboards that allow students to show their work. It is easy to assign individual lessons to students with tailored content to accommodate your diverse student population. To dive in deeper, check out my blog post

I have also helped educators leverage other types of technology to provide timely and meaningful feedback. One example is using Microsoft’s Classroom OneNote. This platform allows teachers to give feedback in multiple ways: hand annotating over student work, leaving typed comments, stickers, or audio recordings. Teachers at my old school started to use Classroom OneNote in various ways including monitoring the writing process, tracking project-based learning, student portfolios of success, or research projects. It is a great way to ditch the piles of papers and give real-time feedback to students. 

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