• Digital Citizenship,  ISTE Standards for Coaches

    My Mission and Core Principles

    My mission is to inspire and educate others on how to use technology responsibly to learn, collaborate, communicate, and create content. Through these four areas, my goal is to empower people to be change-makers in their communities. Guiding Principles: Equitable Learning Experience Digital Citizenship Change-Makers Diving in Deeper… I had to really think about it when asked to come up with a personal mission statement for my role as a Technology Coach. When I was a classroom teacher my goal was to build a personal relationship with each child, teach to their diverse needs, and help them fall in love with learning. Although I don’t have my own classroom of…

  • Digital Citizenship,  ISTE Standards for Coaches

    Digital Readiness

    For my Digital Readiness Project, I interviewed our the K-8 principal on our campus. I appreciated the opportunity to learn more about our school and be part of the discussion of how we can move forward. In the interview, I asked a range of questions that covered topics such as digital citizenship, technology policy, and how technology is being used on campus. Questions were derived from ISTE’s Standard for Coaches #7, and Mark Ribble’s nine attributes for digital citizens. I walked away with a good feel for how digitally prepared we are as a school to meet our student’s needs and help equip them for an undefined future. I have…

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    Teaching Digital Citizenship

    As a teacher, you know when something catches your eye and you take the second to jot it down on a sticky note (yes, a sticky note because most teachers love all those office supplies – sticky notes, cute paperclips, and colored pens. You can never have enough colored pens). Or perhaps you’re a bit more sophisticated and you keep track of an electronic to-do list on your smartphone or personal device. But then the sticky note gets lost, or the idea you heard of a while back slips to the back of your mind in the business of the day. Well, that happened to me recently. I had heard…