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Intro to SPU

When I was in high school I dreamed about going to Seattle Pacific University (SPU). However, my parents and I had a practical conversation that we couldn’t afford it at that time. Who knew that 11 years later, I’d be part of SPU’s graduate program in Digital Education Leadership. Being a nerd at heart, I couldn’t wait to get started with my studies.

What I didn’t know was that we would begin by taking the time to get to know Seattle Pacific University better before we ever cracked open a textbook or started learning about the cutting edge of educational technology. Here are some items I took away while reading about SPU’s mission, the Department of Education, and my specific graduate program: Digital Education Leadership.

  • When reading Seattle Pacific University’s website, I learned that there was a lot of overlap between SPU’s mission, vision and core themes and the School of Education’s conceptual framework. Both aim to help produce world changers who will impact others through their service, competence, character, and leadership.
  • It was also evident during my research that SPU is very committed to their faith in God and strives to make Christ known through their graduate’s vocations, community involvement, and servant leadership opportunities.
  • I learned that Micah 6:8 is a cornerstone verse for SPU and referred to frequently.
  • I learned that SPU has taken a firm stance on racial justice and is committed to challenging racism, working towards reconciliation, educating others, promoting equality, and engaging the culture we live in based on the Word of God. The School of Theology at SPU (2017), produced a statement in regards to the current climate: “In light of our history and recent events in our nation, we believe it is necessary to reaffirm our commitment to reject ethnic nationalism, injustice, and violence.”
  • I learned that the Digital Education Leadership follows the same conceptual framework as the School of Education with an emphasis on innovation and technology. According to The Digital Education Leadership MEd Program Handbook, their mission is to: “Prepare individuals for competence, character, service, and leadership as digital education leaders in K-12, higher education, and other formal and informal learning settings.”
  • I also learned more about the Digital Education Leadership program as I read the handbook. I appreciated hearing more about the graduate goals, ISTE standards, b-portfolios, and scholarship opportunities.

I hope this broadens your knowledge of SPU as well. Now, onto the fun stuff.


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